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    1. Cosmic rays' impact on phones
      Duration: 1:21

      Duration: 15:21

    3. Kurds turn to Syria's Assad following Trump's troop withdrawal order
      Duration: 5:29

    4. Michelle Obama says Melania Trump turned down her offer of help
      Duration: 8:41

    5. iPhone vs Diposable Camera Round 2!! Fuji Disposable Camera vs Huji App!
      Duration: 5:59

    6. Trump voter: We've got a crazy man driving the train
      Duration: 5:21

    7. Anderson Cooper shuts down Donald Trump Jr.'s lie
      Duration: 8:39

    8. How to Fix All Unfortunately App Has Stopped Errors On Android Phone (100% Works)
      Duration: 4:18

    9. 2020 Candidate Richard Ojeda Believes He Can Turn Trump Voters Back To The Dem | MTP Daily | MSNBC
      Duration: 8:20

    10. Turning Sugar into High Performance Fuel: CNN's The Next List Profiles Jay Keasling
      Duration: 21:33

    11. Death of A Nation
      MovieDuration: 1:48:06

    12. Jon Stewart on Crossfire
      Duration: 14:14

    13. Sight Through Sound: The Hebrew University is teaching blind people to see through sound
      Duration: 2:36

    14. Yuval Noah Harari on the Rise of Homo Deus
      Duration: 1:31:18

    15. Terror strikes Delhi: Blast outside HC kills 11
      Duration: 3:14

    16. No Fundamental Reform Coming to Iran with Rowhani's Election
      Duration: 4:27

    17. Middle East Roundtable: Iran's Election
      Duration: 28:31

    18. CNN's Kyra Phillips Forgets to Turn Off Mic
      Duration: 1:38

    19. Election in Iran and the New President Hassan Rouhani
      Duration: 2:25

    20. RED ALERT Level 4..!! JAPAN - "Dangerous" Radiation Levels Nuclear Plant -Explosion Expected
      Duration: 1:11